Ride Vine @ridevine March 10, 2016

UPDATE: After posting this story we received some more information on the confirmation of the dates.

Previews may be limited to invite only until the 18th. Prior to that Disney may offer special viewings to Cast or Passholders depending upon how well the show is running.

A source has stated that Disney will soon begin allowing guests to preview Rivers of Light. Guests can expect soft openings to begin about 3 weeks before the opening date of April 22. Emphasis on the second week of April. This should open up most of April for opportunities to experience the new show.

The source has also stated that there are different versions of the projection show on the Tree of Life. This is to bring more guests back to the park since they can experience different versions of the same show.

The projection show will also feature live performers or small floats. The source stated this as the reason for the Animal Kingdom hub expansion. Currently there is no confirmation on how many times the projection show will run each day.

Currently ‘Rivers of Light’ is set to open on April 22, which is Earth Day. Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened on the same day in 1998.