Ride Vine @ridevine May 9, 2016

Not much information about the new version of The Incredible Hulk Coaster has come out while it was MIA. Universal just dumped a boatload of new information. We have the lowdown on what to expect when Hulk roars back to life this summer.


First off, there is a massive new marquee for the attraction. Pieces of the original Hulk Coaster’s track arc over a statue of The Hulk as he smashes a coaster car on the ground.

The next newest addition is a whole new story for the attraction. The teams at Universal have been hard at work on an original storyline to match what fans expect of The Hulk.

Riders are subject to experimentation through a new Hulk-a-fication process. General Thaddeus Ross has developed a new way of harnessing gamma radiation. Riders can actually see gamma radiation moving up to the loading chamber. The whole queue, loading process, and launch visually play into the story.


Guests also can experience the story on the new ride vehicles. The onboard soundtrack also drives the story along with an original score by Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy.  The design of the ride vehicles are also all new. Modeled after modern fighter jets, the vehicles play into the ride’s futuristic aesthetics.