Ride Vine @ridevine May 12, 2016

Word on the street leads us to believe that a Guardians of the Galaxy overlay won’t be coming to the parks. It could be possible in the future, but currently the plans are to just to scale back on the Twilight Zone theme.

Rumors say that Disney is currently planning a way to keep the attraction close to the original in theme. Removing the Twilight Zone license from the parks will save Disney on licensing fees. Disney has been looking for ways to scale back on excess spending.

If Disney could pull off a similar theme and show without the Twilight Zone theme, would it matter to you? Changes would take place with the only the naming and some of the themed elements. It would still be a haunted hotel and elevator gone wrong.

We would be missing out on Rod Serling and possibly some of the props. According to some, Disney has also slowed down orders on Hollywood Tower Hotel merchandise. This could mean that removal of the Twilight Zone brand could happen within the year.