Ride Vine @ridevine June 30, 2016

According to Attractions Management, Disney has approached other cities in China to see if they are interested in hosting a Disney park. This seems rather quick since Shanghai Disneyland just opened to the public.

Plans for the next Chinese Disney park have been in the works for a while according to the article. Chongqing City has come forward to say that they have bid to host the next Disney park in China. Most of this has taken place even before Shanghai was completed.

Just weeks after opening its first theme park in mainland China, [details have] emerged that Disney is already planning another [park] according to the Chongqing city government, which said it is bidding to host a future Disney park.

The local authority in southwest China said that Disney had been planning to build a second park even before it started construction on the recently-opened Shanghai Disneyland.

It seems like Disney will continue building parks and seeking government sponsors in China. This would be the third Disney park in China; Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland, and now this new park.

Source: Attractions Management