Ride Vine @ridevine July 12, 2016

Most of the excitement since opening has revolved around the availability of alcoholic drinks. Today at 4:00pm the Coca-Cola store will offer cocktails and “mocktails” for those underage.

Drinks range from the classic Rum & Coke, to the more exotic ones with Hendrick’s Gin and celery bitters. Blended Minute Maid smoothies will also come in alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties.

Some of the featured non-alcoholic drinks include Diet Coke Mint, Sprite Orange Bubbly, and Floating Coca-Cola Cherry.

Cocktail and mocktails are available daily from 3pm until close.

We stopped by today around 6pm and tried a few drinks and snapped a few photos of the menu.


The drinks we tried were strong, but also full of ice. The Cuba Libre and Cherry Coke Ripper both tasted great. The value here is slim, especially because all drinks are served with paper straws. Even the $30 Sinatra Select is served in a plastic lowball cup as pictured below.

Coke Plastic Cup