Ride Vine @ridevine August 16, 2016

A new type of MagicBand has appeared on the web within the last day. Along with the new shape will come new functionality. What that functionality is; we aren’t entirely sure.

Not much will change as far as how things work for guests. A new form factor that allows the “guts” of a MagicBand to exist outside of the look is the main difference. We have heard few details other than the fact that it exists and has been testing.

The foot tracking technology that Disney patented is also part of this new initiative. The main goal is for Disney to more accurately track guests on property. Right now the current MagicBand wireless technology has hit some snags when it comes to scale.

It’s still early into the process, but we expect Disney to comment on a the version of MagicBands soon. We’re still unsure of any new features aside from new accessories. It’s expected to fit within a necklace or bracelet. Other accessories or uses for the device will most likely make their way online within the next few days.

Photo Courtesy MagicBandCollectors.com