Ride Vine @ridevine August 10, 2016

In a document submitted to Orange County, Disney has revealed a rough completion date for its Star Wars Lands. The document lists various contractors that will complete the project. Drywall, themed concrete, and steel contractors are all there as expected.

“Project D” is the description of the land improvement. The document states sitework and utilities installation as the reason for submission. The expiration date for the contractors is September 26, 2019. The details of the listed date are as follows:

“the expiration date may not be before the completion of construction and final payment”

This does not mean that all construction will be complete by that time. It only means that electrical, framing, concrete, and mechanics are going to be complete by September 26th. There can always be a new document submitted, and things can change.

As for right now we’re excited for Star Wars Land and can only hope it’s as amazing as everyone expects. Look for news and updates on Star Wars land in the future.