Superweeniehutjr @superweeniehtjr September 15, 2016

There’s a slight chill in the air; you can almost feel the leaves starting to change. School is in session. Football is back. Everything is now pumpkin flavored. But who cares about any of that?  Carowinds’ spooky transformation into SCarowinds is upon us!

Pictured: Me, before coffee.

After chugging three pumpkin spice lattes to get into the spirit, I, your humble scribe Super Weenie Hut Jr., braved the terror at SCarowinds. All my effort was to give you, my loyal readers, an in-depth look at why you should leave the safe confines of your living room to have the bejesus scared out of you this Fall. The 16th edition of SCarowinds is comprised of six terrifying mazes and six spooky zones. Veterans of the event will recognize aMAZEing (see what I did there?) old favorites 7th Ward, Defex, Silver Scream Studios, Zombie High and Slaughterhouse.

Sure, why not go into this creepy barn?

Premiering this year, Dark Harvest triples the length of legacy favorite CornStalkers. This new maze adds delightfully spooky twists, turns AND lots more corn. I mean, I imagine this is what the parking lot of Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska looks like after a Cornhuskers game. It was like a flippin’ corn graveyard. All that corn creates long, frightful corridors with many opportunities for gilly-suited bog monsters, living scarecrows, and zombie farmers to dwell. I may have jumped out of my skin once or twice, but let’s just blame those jitters on the lattes.  Cool details abound, but my favorite was the sink trickling blood in a relatively quiet corner of the maze. Legit creepy feels from that one. This new edition of the corn maze at Scarowinds is NOT to be missed; the length and detail approaches the quality you might find at standard-bearer Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights.


If you hate clowns, this is all sorts of nope.

Mazes not creepy enough for you? Well good, because haunt designers have plopped unique upcharge Skeleton Key Rooms for you in every scare zone.  You have to pair off to enter these little demented scares…your own personal hell, if you will. Jack’s Revenge in the new Psycho Circus scare zone delivers that horrible discomfort you crave. Imagine being trapped in the folds of a circus tent with killer clowns and well– you get the idea. I’m never going to the circus again…and booking an appointment with my therapist.


Afterburn at moonrise

But hey, if scares aren’t your preferred form of thrills, SCarowinds also allows for glorious night rides on your favorite rides. This includes Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket Award winning best steel roller coaster on the planet, Fury 325. Trust me, it’s better at night.

I’ve got a golden ticket!

If you crave spooky time, you must check out SCarowinds—you won’t be disappointed! It’s Super Weenie Hut Jr. approved! Check out for more information.