Ride Vine @ridevine December 4, 2017

In a new article from the Disney Parks Blog we have new details on what to expect from The Patina Group’s new restaurant lineup at Disney Springs.

Beginning with The Edison we’ll see different daytime and nighttime offerings at the gothic style restaurant. During the day everyone is welcome for lunch and dinner, but around 10pm we’ll see the restaurant become 21+ as the night sets in.

The restaurant appears to take place in an abandoned power plant that once powered Disney Springs. The Boiler Bar will feature “dizzying electrical display panels”, and the adjacent boilers will serve as classic centerpieces as you’d see in any power plant.

Included in the lineup of offerings will be unique food and beverage offerings including a groundbreaking beverage menu for Disney Springs. Entertainment is also part of the show as we’ll see some “gravity-defying aerialists” during the night as well.

Next to The Edison we’ll see three different Italian themed venues. The large building stands next to The Edison was once an Air Terminal that welcomed all to Disney Springs. It fell out of service in the early 1930’s as more people began traveling with more modern forms of air transport and more popular destinations sprung up.

Maria & Enzo took over the space as they once operated a small bakery in the lobby of the air terminal. They decided to open Pizza Ponte to offer up Sicilian-style pizza by the slice, sandwiches, and their family’s pastries. Their dream was to restore the old terminal to its former glory and they did just that with the success of their business.

Maria & Enzo‘s is another statement of the couple’s success. This restaurant features decorations inspired by the destinations the terminal once served in the 1930’s. The southern Italian fare offered up at the restaurant is served in a more intimate setting focused on a first class experience.

Enzo’s Hideaway is located “steps away” from Maria & Enzo’s and was once a bootlegger’s hideout. This speakeasy was discovered after Enzo purchased the terminal and served many patrons during the dry years of prohibition at Disney Springs.

All four venues are expected to be open in early January of 2018.