Ride Vine @ridevine June 7, 2018

This year’s Halloween Horror Nights event in Orlando will expand to ten different houses. The event will be based in the ’80s which will be a fun throwback for fans of campy horror. We’ll also be seeing the return of the Academy of Villians stage show.

Vamp '85: New Years Eve HHN Scare Zone

One of the biggest announcements today is the return of the Vamp Scare Zone; this time based in 1985 during a New Year’s Eve party.

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Two other Scare Zones have been announced as well. The Harvest is based in an old barn filled with creatures, and Central Park serves as a backdrop for Twisted Tradtion which turns the idea of Halloween on its head.

The Harvest

The Harvest HHN Scare Zone

An old barn is the setting of every kind of horror. Its walls are decorated with ominous objects and images from each house, hinting at the horrors to come. This barn is not as abandoned as it initially seems, and by the time you realize what lies within, it will be too late. Foul creatures lurk within, ready for a harvest of flesh and screams. Will you survive the reaping?

Twisted Tradition

Twisted Tradition HHN Scare Zone

Travel through the forest of Central Park where an ancient evil has been awakened. Halloween has been transformed into an abomination with rotting pumpkins fused with decaying human flesh. Try and escape the grasps of these fetid beings, with nothing but the light from rotting jack o’ lanterns to guide you.

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Purchase Halloween Horror Nights 2018 Tickets