Ride Vine @ridevine July 29, 2019

Something epic is coming to Universal Orlando and it’s not just a new ride. The new theme park announcement is right around the corner and it’s something we’ve been hearing about for quite some time.

Teaser for Universal's New theme park

All across social media Universal posted a silhouetted image of their new theme park. Rumored to be Universal’s Fantastic Worlds, but this time there is a twist. The bold use of EPIC on the teaser may mean that the name for the upcoming park has changed.

One of the rumored names for Universal’s new theme park is Universal’s Epic Worlds as the list was leaked last year. Right now the park is rumored to have a hub and spoke design similar to Magic Kingdom. The lands inside the park are also a hot topic of discussion with the current rumored list being Jurassic World, Universal Classic Horror, Super Nintendo World, Fantastic Beasts, and DreamWorks properties.

Recently in Universal Studios Hollywood we’ve seen the addition of a re-themed area with Jurassic World taking over the former Jurassic Park section of the Studios. The construction for Super Nintendo World has also begun over on the west coast. They also have stepped up DreamWorks visibility in their park with the DreamWorks theater currently hosting Kung Fu Panda. In Florida new character meet and greets have been added and tested with the most recent being Where’s Waldo which is a UniversalKIDS show airing on tv and in their app.

A big announcement is set for August 1st and we’re excited to share the news as its announced. More details on the upcoming additions to Universal Orlando will be released at that time.