Disaster! or Disaster!: A Major Motion Picture Ride…Starring You! was a dark ride and show combination set in the fictional movie studio “Disaster Studios”.

Ride Summary

Your role was to be an extra or (if chosen) a star in the fictional film “Mutha Nature” that would be screened as a trailer at the end of the ride. Your Assistant Director, Lonnie would then cast the main characters in the film. The main roles consisted of a stunt kid, a grandmother, three evil villains, a hunky male, and a semi-athletic person to participate in a stunt.

After Lonnie had cast everyone in their roles, everyone would then move on to Frank Kincaid’s screening room. Here they would meet Mr. Kincaid who was portrayed by Christopher Walken. Lonnie and Frank would then interact on stage and perform a short show using Musion Eyeliner technology.

Once Frank was done with his introduction, filming would then begin. Guests were moved to seats to watch the filming take place with Lonnie and the main characters on stage. Lonnie would then direct each portion of the show while the crew and cast would film each portion. After everything was filmed, there was one more scene to be filmed to finish the picture.

The last scene is was the big subway disaster. This portion of the attraction was similar to a tram tour and would take guests into a subway set where various natural disasters would cause havoc. There was an earthquake, fires, a flash flood, and various vehicle crashes that would all end up heading towards guests.

After “filming” this final scene, guests were then shown the final trailer from “Mutha Nature”. Bits and pieces filmed ahead of time, and the main roles were spliced with clips featuring Dwane “The Rock” Johnson and other actors. After the trailer was finished, the train would then be back where it started. Riders would exit the opposite side of the vehicle and exit the attraction.

Posts about Disaster!

News | 09.08.15

Disaster! is Moving ON!

Tonight marked the final night for “Disaster!” Loved by many, hated by some, this attraction has grown a small cult audience and we were there for the final showing.