Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is the first “other-world” showcase pavilion at EPCOT.

The family-thrill coaster adventure starts in the Galaxarium, a planetarium-like exhibition that explores the similarities and mysteries of the formation of Earth’s galaxy and Xandar. Guests learn more about the technologies Xandar has to share – until Eson the Celestial arrives and guests must help the Guardians of the Galaxy save the universe on an intergalactic chase through time and space.

The attraction is one of the longest fully enclosed coasters in the world, and each vehicle rotates 360 degrees to focus guests on the action, including the first reverse launch on a Disney coaster.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Safety Information

Be aware that you will be transported
to a Nova Cruiser orbiting above Terra
for a demonstration which will consist of a
thrilling high-speed, turbulent – what you
Terrans would call a ‘roller coaster-type ride’
that goes forward and backward through
the dark. It includes sharp turns,
sudden drops and stops.

  • Minimum Height is 42 inches / 107 centimeters
  • The restraint is an individual lap bar with no knee padding
  • Children under 7 must be supervised by someone 14 or older
  • Wheelchair guests must transfer

Gift Shop: Treasures of Xandar

The Treasures of Xandar gift shop contains merchandise inspired by and from the Guardians of the Galaxy universe. Our video overview shows some of the exclusive merchandise you will find at the shop which is available as you exit the ride.