The Tonight Show has a ride. It seems like a ridiculous thing at first because it really is. That also seems to be the overall theme of the attraction; sillyness.

If you’re familiar with Jimmy Fallon’s late night antics then you’re going to get a lot more out of this attraction than most people. To those uninitiated with Jimmy’s brand of comedy, strap in because it’s a wild ride.

The First “Queueless” Attraction

Universal takes pride in the fact that Race Through New York doesn’t have a line. It does make you wait, just not in single file until the very end.

Guests are given colored tickets to a specific taping of the show. The first floor and second floor lobbies light up a specific color according to which group’s turn it is to proceed.

At first it seems like a good idea, but it has proven to be an issue because guests are conditioned to wait in lines. Downstairs guests crowd the area next to the stairs, and upstairs they crowd the ride entrance area.

The Ride Vehicle

The ride is a motion theater. It consists of multiple rows of seats on a motion platform that is driven by pneumatic arms. Due to this, guests seated towards the outside edges will feel more motion than those seated towards the middle.

Each seat is equipped with a seatbelt and there are test seats out front. The only issue one may have is fitting into the chair or being able to fasten the seatbelt. The way the chairs are designed leads to an awkward reach and feels like the restraint is way down in the seat.

The Show

Let’s say the show begins at the pre show because that’s one of the best parts of this ride. So much so that Universal has decided to share it with us.

After that, you proceed to the ride vehicle and fasten yourself into the chair and away you go. It’s wacky and crazy, and the show doesn’t make much sense. It’s not very cohesive and it’s very fast paced. It’s a good showcase of all the technology, but beyond that it’s nothing amazing. Jimmy Fallon fans will get the most out of this attraction.

It’s worth checking out once or twice, but skip it if the wait is moderate.

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