Star Tours: The Adventures Continue is the second iteration of the Star Wars themed simulator ride at Hollywood Studios. The improvements include randomized shows and new 3-D Dolby projection system for improved clarity.

Ride Summary

Riders are grouped into rows and watch a short pre-show video from Aly San San spokesdroid that explains safety procedures in English and then glitches and says it again in Spanish.

Once the ride vehicle is ready, riders then walk across a catwalk into the Star Tours vehicle and take their seats. Once seated, a safety check is performed by a cast member and it is at this time a rebel spy is chosen.

Once the cast member exits the vehicle the doors close and the catwalks raise. Riders then meet their accidental flight crew; R2-D2 and C-3PO.

From there, one of 54 flight combinations can take place:

  • The Starspeeder 1000 takes off, although C-3PO protests he is not the captain. As the ship is about to leave the Star Tours terminal, two scenes may occur:
  1. Darth Vader, Imperial Stormtroopers, and skytroopers arrive to arrest the Rebel spy aboard the speeder. Vader uses a Force-grip to keep the speeder from escaping. The Starspeeder fires its lasers at the Sith Lord, who deflects them with his lightsaber, allowing the shuttle to make a rapid exit backwards out of the hangar, withTIE Fighters chasing after it. The Starspeeder then makes the jump to lightspeed.
  2. An Imperial probe droid attaches to the windshield and detects the presence of the Rebel spy on board the Starspeeder. At the same moment, Han Solo, facing detention by the Empire, opens fire on a platoon of Stormtroopers and races up the boarding ramp of theMillennium Falcon. The Falcon lifts off and launches out of the hangar with the Starspeeder in hot pursuit. After a few maneuvers, theFalcon jumps away, and the Starspeeder shoots down a couple of TIE Fighters, takes a few shots at a Star Destroyer, causing severe damage to the bridge, then jumps to lightspeed, despite C-3PO’s protests.
  • After jumping into lightspeed, three segments are possible:
  1. The Starspeeder almost crashes on Hoth amid a battle between Rebels and Imperial AT-ATs. After entering the combat zone against orders, an AT-AT fires at the Starspeeder, and the ship crashes in the snow, teetering on the edge of a cliff. The ship falls over the side and rides the canyon like a luge, launching off another cliff and free-falling into a deep canyon. Seemingly at the last second, R2-D2 re-engages the engines and the Starspeeder rockets back into space.
  2. The Starspeeder reaches Tatooine and takes part in the Boonta Eve Podrace, along with the duplicitous Sebulba. The Starspeeder collides with a podracer and the two become stuck together. The race concludes with the podracer-enhanced Starspeeder overtaking Sebulba, then jettisoning the podracer and flying back into space (almost hitting the crowd).
  3. The Starspeeder lands on Kashyyyk, as Imperial jet speeders pursue Chewbacca and another Wookiee on a ornithopter vehicle through the lush forest. At one point, Chewbacca falls off from the back of it and hits the Starspeeder’s windshield, before sliding off (temporarily leaving paw prints behind).
  • Then, back into space, a holo transmission of either Admiral Ackbar, Princess Leia or Master Yoda confirms that there is a rebel spy on board, and says that coordinates have been sent to R2-D2.
  • Despite C-3PO’s protests, R2-D2 takes the speeder to one of three different scenarios:
  1. The Starspeeder arrives in the upper atmosphere of a besieged Coruscant, where the last forces of the CIS battle the Army of the Republic’s Clone troopers. Buzz droids are projected at the Starspeeder, which attach themselves to the windshield, but R2 uses an electric shock to blast them off, after the buzz droids have caused severe damage to the stabilizers. The Starspeeder then plummets through the planet’s atmosphere and into the bustling sky traffic of the city planet. After several near misses, the Starspeeder careens to a halt on a landing platform, nearly hitting a fuel tanker (a model seen in the original Star Tours) before crashing into a traffic control droid.
  2. The Starspeeder makes it to Naboo, which is under attack by the last Trade Federation armies. Three N-1 starfighters are ordered to lead the Starspeeder into a hangar bay, but are shot down by vulture droids. Another vulture droid shoots down the Starspeeder, and it plummets into the ocean of the planet and arrives near Otoh Gunga (almost hitting Jar Jar Binks). After the Gungans order the Starspeeder to follow a ship that will lead it through the planet’s core a giant carnivorous fish attacks the guide, but not before being eaten by a bigger sea creature. An even bigger sea creature then tries to eat the Starspeeder, but R2-D2 blasts it with an electric shock. The Starspeeder then surfaces, skipping off the water and into a repair hangar filled with Starfighter debris. (There is a short reference to the original Star Tours Ride. C-3PO shouts: “Brakes, brakes, where are the brakes?” just like Captain Rex in the original attraction) The Starspeeder smashes into the tail of a Naboo starfighter, shattering the windshield and angering the pit droid that falls into the cockpit.
  3. The Starspeeder discovers the still uncompleted Death Star orbiting Geonosis. Ambushed in the asteroid field by Boba Fett aboard theSlave I, the Starspeeder dodges laser fire and exploding asteroids before venturing into the Death Star. Escaping through a hangar bay, the Starspeeder is confronted again by the bounty hunter. Fett launches a sonic bomb, which is deflected back by a laser blast from the Starspeeder. The explosion cripples the bounty hunter, allowing the Starspeeder to jump to lightspeed. It reaches the Rebel fleet, and lands aboard a Mon Calamari cruiser, where the Rebel Alliance leaders await to offer congratulations.
  • C-3PO thanks the guests for choosing Star Tours as their space-line of choice and are then given disembarking instructions by Aly San San.

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